Mplus Crop Cover 5.25 Feet 400 Meter Protection Cover Non-Woven Fabric Plant Cover

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Mplus Crop Shield and Mplus Crop Shield Croma:
Crop Covers Protects from sun burn and Supports organic farming
Crop Cover helps to retain co2 leading to higher photosynthesis also provides optimum microclimate for growth of fruits by allowing passage of air, water, moisture and sunlight
Crop Covers saves water by 30-40% and prevents growth of weeds and prolongs the harvesting period also.
Crop Covers are responsible for healthy and robust plant which improves fruit uniformity and quality fetching good market prices. It maximizes plant growth by providing a mini-greenhouse effect Increases yield and thus higher returns
Crop cover Protects from birds and animals and provides opportunity to advance cropping season by regulating micro-climate. Crop Shield croma (Blue): Regulates growth and reduces intermodal distance. Crop Shield Croma (Red): Promotes Vegetative growth

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Crop cover is protecting crops from insects, wind, rain and Sun burning is an unending worry. Non-woven crop covers not only take care of insects, wind, rain and Sun burning but also help capturing heat on sunny days; retaining heat radiating from the ground at night; protecting plants from cold snaps; reducing occurrences of aphids, root maggots and flea beetles; helping to deter birds and deer from decimating crops through camouflage and extend the growing season into late fall.
Mplus provide standard Quality of the fabric starting from 17 GSM up to 30 GSM. Crop covers are treated with 5% UV treatment. Crop covers, made of non-woven polypropylene material, are used in agriculture for protecting the crops from both biotic and abiotic stresses. Use of crop cover in open fields leads to faster and healthy plant growth, reduced usage of agrochemicals, prolonged harvesting, better fruit quality and opportunity to grow crops during off-season also.

Types of Crop Cover
1. Crop Shield Crop Cover 17 GSM White 3.2 mtrs
2. Crop Shield Crop Cover 17 GSM White/Red/Blue 1.6 mtrs
3. Crop Shield Crop Cover 17 GSM White 2.13 mtrs

Low cost protected the cultivation solutions for open field farming and Protects crops from both biotic and abiotic stresses mini-greenhouse effect faster and healthy plant growth
also reduced pesticide usage
Helps in organic farming
Prolongs the harvesting period
Increases pollen life
Good fruit quality
Opportunity to grow crops during off-season also
Permeable to both air and water
Provides diffusion effect
Maintains Micro-climate around the plant.

Recommended for:

Mplus crop cover WHITE 17GSM for Protection from Insect pests, heavy rains, animal attack, sunburn, frost injuries on vegetables and fruit trees
Mplus crop cover RED 17 GSM for Higher vegetative growth, recommended in a cold climate
Mplus crop cover BLUE 17GSM for Promotes shorter intermodal distance

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17 GSM, 20 GSM, 23 GSM


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