Mulching Film 30 Micron Black / Silver 400 Meter Roll

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Mulching Film Features
• Reflective non-embossed & embossed for extra strength
• Single/double color & UV stabilized
• Reduces fertilizer leaching
• Reduces escape of air
• Fumigation keeps soil intact
• Bi-colored mulching films reduce soil compaction

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We are well-received in the market for offering superior quality Silver Mulch Film that helps in achieving a high yield of crops. The disallow weeds and pests grow in the field and protect garden fruits and vegetables. Leading Manufacturer of silver & black mulching film, watermelon mulching film, mulch film and cotton mulching film from India.
Mulching is a technique of adding a layer to the surface of the soil around the plant with plastic film to conserve the soil moisture that suppress weeds growth, regulate soil temperature and prevent water loss through evaporation.
Mulching Film is made of High Strength LLDPE and LDPE Material. Presently different Color Plastic Film used as Mulches such as black-black, Silver – Black, Red -black, Yellow – Black & White –black.
Benefits of Mulch Film
Less investment on weedicides:
Weeds required light to grow. A coloured mulch film will not allow light to reach the soil hence reducing the number of weeds. This will benefit the farmer by reduction in use of weedicides.
Retains the moisture in the soil:
Most crops do not need a lot of water to help in growth. They require moisture. Use of Plastic Mulch helps in preventing the water from evaporating.
You will have an earlier Harvest:
An earlier harvest is possible with the help of these mulch films because the plastic mulch film will increase the temperature of the soil promoting growth of crops early and also the plastic mulch will retain moisture in the soil.
Use of Fertilizers
The fertilizers are best utilised with the combination of mulch films delivering maximum output and providing optimum growth of crops and plantations.
Increase in growth:
The portion of the land that is mulched minimises the escape of air which later benefits the growth due to less chances of escaping air retaining the required carbon dioxide keeping it warm. A well known-name for this process is called the Chimney Effect.
Early and more quantity vegetables growth
With the help of mulch films many vegetables are benefitted which include tomatoes, veggies, peppers, eggplants and many other similar plantations. One can have an earlier as well as a good quantity growth of these vegetable when grown with mulching support.

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